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If you are looking for a Sales Training for your multi national salespeople, B2B - Sales Training - Solution Selling & Trade show traininghere you have found the right partner. Out of Germany we offer Sales Training in German and English.

For years we regularly worked with multi language Sales Teams. There are usually some salespeople who speak english very well and there are others. These salespeople come from Italy, France, Spain, Great Britain, Hungary, Czech Republik, Sweden, Denmark and many other countries.

Yes, we manage. They learn and share their experience. That is important for these sales trainings. And in the end it is true:

Sales Training – Excellence in B2B Sales

In our seminars we focus on these important topics:

  • For more allmost 30 years we use Solution Selling. First as sales men. Now as sales trainer.
  • Account Management for the product sales market. Account planning is key to this sales strategy.
  • In our seminar Negotiation training we offer negotiation techniques using the Harvard Concept. We want your team to bargain on a professionel level.
  • Opportunity Management. The project management for sales opportunities.
  • Need analysis using a 5 step Method. The SPICE need analysis.
  • Trade show training. For your international sales team at the next trade show in Europe.

Are those topics important to you. If you would like to know more about our sales training, just let us know:

Sales Training for Solution Selling

Solution Selling is the ideal sales strategy for complex sales situation. Usually used for selling software or complex machines or plant engineering and construction.

In these markets need analysis is key to the sales success. Neil Rackham has proofed that with his 40 year old concept of SPIN Selling. We use an model that is adjusted to the need of todays world. If you do this right, you will have strong value proposition in hand. A value proposition that holds all the substantial arguments of your customer.

If your sales team now adds a buying center analysis to the well done sales talk, they are well prepared for the negotiation. Now it´s time to use the trained sales negotiation skills and get the order.

In our sales training we use the important findings of different concepts. Just to make your sales team more successful.

If you do not picture your team on the professional level just outlined, the let us talk about the sales training.

Account Management – selling more to regular customers

Account Management starts out by doing a customer segmentation. The ABC-segmentation helps to find Sales Training for Account Management & Account Planningthe important customers. Account planning for the A-customers helps sales persons to optimize their sales activities.

In our Sales Training we will show your sales team how to design a good plan for A-customers. So they will make more revenue. Or more important, make more margin.

Call on us, if you would like to learn more about our Sales Training.

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Trade Show & Exhibit booth stuff Seminar

Congratulation, if you want to invest exhibiting at a European trade show. Next to being active you have to understand the European culture. Especially, if you exhibit at trade shows in Germany, Switzerland or Austria. You can to be very open and you have to take the first step.

Yes, you can address the exhibition visitors. But you have to do it in a appropriate way.

If you want to prepare your team for the next Trade Show in Europe, we would be happy to do that Sales Training. We have seen many CeBit´s and other fairs in the past 30 years.

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Sales Training with alphaSales is fun. For your salespeople as much as for us. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us so we can get into your wishes. Call us or write us a mail. Contact data is on the right side.

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